The Donkey Says 'Woof-Woof'!

Rapidly approaching her 10th month of life, my daughter is still using her few 'words' indiscriminately. True word/person association? Not quite. But it's coming, the day that will be dutifully logged into her baby book as the occasion of her First Word! And so my husband and I wonder what it will be while not so subtley lobbying for our own monikers to take the honor.



A few years ago the husband and I watched 'Shrek' for the first time. Twenty minutes into it as the Donkey pranced about touting the virtues of parfaits, we turned to each other in a fine moment of marital mind meld and simultaneously said, 'Scout!'.

Scout is the name of our Pointer/Great Dane mix who, if only he could verbalize all that energy, would sound just like Shrek's Donkey. He would follow me around the house ALL DAY LONG, as he's always done, yapping non stop. 'Hey, food lady, do you have any of those cookies? I sure like cookies. Everybody loves cookies. Cookies have layers.'

Donkey. Catchy. So much so that a friend we've know for the past couple of years recently said, 'I thought his name was Donkey,' when I called the beast Scout.

I imagine Donkey a rather feasible first word. Nice hard 'd' with no tricky consonant combos to trip up the budding speaker. Two syllables. Easy. Donkey! Given that the Little Mama probably spends more time with said Donkey than anyone else IN THE WORLD it's practically a cosmic certainty that Mama and Daddy can abandon the campaign now. Accept defeat. It's a Donkey's world.

I see us at the local dog park, the Mamacita's eyes darting back and forth as she yells out, 'Donkey! Donkey! Donkey!' at all manner of canine friends. Later she'll go to preschool (assuming she was put on the waiting list early enough for the 'points system' to pay off...but that's a story for another day) and she'll proudly demonstrate her animal knowledge.

The cow goes...Moo!
The cat goes...Meow!
The donkey goes...Woof-Woof!

The dog goes...Dog? Dog? What is this rare and exotic creature of which you speak?

There goes Stanford.


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