Dut, Dut, Dut!

In order to prevent our daughter from thinking her full name is Theron No!, my husband and I have been heeding the advice of the book writing experts. Since she spends her days exploring every dog hair infested crevice of our house, sticking everything not bolted down into her mouth, and mocking all basic rules of safety, it would be easy to stumble into this apparently all-too-common parental mine field.

Theron, No! Don't eat those quarters, Mama needs a Starbucks.

Theron, No! The dog can lick his own butt.

But Geoff and I? We've been reading and we are employing appropriate counter measures. Case in point. When the Mamacita decides for the 323rd time in a day to munch on dirt from the pot of our Jade plant, I DO NOT run to her shouting, Theron, No! Poison! Rather, I march over to her while calmly, albeit firmly, saying, Dut, dut, dut. There are always three 'duts'. No more. No less. Three is most effective, something we've learned over the years as we've Dut, dut, dutted our donkey into submission.

That they are nonsensical words is a moot point. They convey, in their onomatopoeia way, exactly what we're saying. The other day I voiced a particularly sincere Dut, dut, dut as Theron climbed onto the open dishwasher door and SHE STOPPED IN HER (KNEE) TRACKS. Eureka! I said, Dut, dut, dut, but she heard, No, Theron, sticking fork tines up your nose is not appropriate.

It's so rewarding to see your child's understanding of her world grow and to know that knowledge will ultimately keep her safe.

Earlier today when I walked into the laundry room to find her scarfing the donkey's kibble I didn't panic. Dut, dut, dut, I said and stood back confidently, waiting for her to cave to my authority. Without turning around the Mamacita, with much force, shot back, DUT, DUT, DUT!

Mama, No! Go get yourself some wasabi peas because this bounty is mine.


Anonymous Cole said...

Hey ... great stuff ... I can actually hear your voice as I read. It is wonderful to hear, err, read your humor, thoughts, and the insights into your life. I just found someone else for my feed reader. later-->

March 30, 2006 1:26 PM  

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