Margaret Atwood, Hello!

Sometimes being a Mama saturates my consciousness to such a depth that I start to feel as though I'm no longer, in any way, the person I was before my daughter was born. When that happens I like to waste an afternoon of childcare, originally earmarked for errands and responsibilities, on things I used to take for granted. Moseying about a bookstore for an hour or so is near the top of this list.

My favorite haunt is a used bookstore about 2 miles from our house and conveniently located in the same shopping plaza as our grocery store. At least after I mosey, browse and buy I can complete one of my original objectives. Plus the store, with it's long, tall, crammed shelves and tight, tight aisles is a place that guarantees at least one Eureka! moment per visit. Maybe I'll stumble onto an author who I'd wanted to read but then forgot because I NEVER write things down when I should. Or maybe a clever title or cover will catch my eye and I'll take a chance on a book because it's two-fifty and offers a lot more promise than a tall soy latte (which BTW costs $3.01 at our local Wal-Mart of Coffee).

Today I was in search of anything by Richard Russo as I just finished 'The Risk Pool' which sent me to be bed sobbing last night because I know those characters. KNOW THEM. No Russo on the shelves today. But as I scanned I stumbled upon this and this and if previous books by E.G. are any indication then that's $5.50 well spent. Finding the E.G. put me in mind to see if they had anything written by...Oh, what's her name? Come on - I KNOW her name. She wrote 'Blind Assassin' and I LOVED that book.

Mommy Moment.

So I had to ask the cool long-haired clerk (who once told me he liked my leather bag and yes, I am a sucker for ANY flattery) who wrote 'Blind Assassin' and 'Handmaid's Tale'. I felt better when he couldn't remember either and had to consult his giant chronological publishers' tomes that list every book published in a given year. While he searched I perused the books on a rotary display rack near the checkout counter.

There's Frey's 'A Million Little Pieces'. A memoir! Snicker, snicker. Anyway, that's been too overdone to even think about.

'A Map of the World'? Hmmm...think we already have that at home.

Not that, or that...NOT
that. Dum-de-dum...EUREKA!

Suddenly I spied the name Dow Mossman and something clicked...Yes, I remember. There was THIS on NPR and I really, really wanted to read that book but of course I didn't write down the title or the author and might have gone on in perpetuity not remembering except that I went to Bookman and had that magical moment once again.

When the cool clerk finally shouted out, 'Margaret Atwood!', I felt like smacking myself in the head ala those old V8 commercials. Hello. Earth to Mama.

I would have skipped the Atwood altogether except, OF COURSE, Bookman was having a Buy 3 Get 1 Free special so I picked up this
as my freebie. Four books in hand I headed onward to buy the groceries, diving right back into real life and responsibility and nutritional awareness. But damn if buying those books didn't bring me right back to myself. Now, if I can only milk some time out of the days to read them.


Blogger H & D's mom said...

I really feel your pain about not having the time to read. For the last while, I've been trying to START The Blind Assassin, Fall On Your Knees, and A Recipe for Bees! If we had a bookstore surrounded by mountains nearby, I'm sure that would be my favourite haunt too.

I have successfully read The Red Tent and The Poisonwood Bible, though!

If you're an Atwood fan, try Alias Grace as well, if you ever find the time. It's different style of writing for her, but it's quite good. But then again, I'm Canadian, and it's kind of an unwritten law here that you have to read Atwood, even if you don't like her!

April 10, 2006 2:01 PM  

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