Mistaken Identity

It has been a long week marked by my first foray into an all-day, every day classroom since...well, since high school, people. Also, a week marked by the Mamacita's second illness (cold/ear infection). Not stellar. But there was this one thing...

(Day Two of Intensive Real Estate Seminar) A woman from class stops me in the bathroom. 'You know that guy sitting next to you,' she asks.


'Well, I'm very astute about this sort of thing and I think he has a crush on you. He kept looking over at you yesterday and then today he sat by you.'

Ok, then. The guy in question is a newbie college grad who looks about fifteen of his presumptive twenty-two years. He's good looking in a young, rob-the-cradle-and-pay-with- your-soul kind of way. Also, very East Coast. Very metrosexual. Anyway, he could be ZZ Top on a Harley for all I care. My post-pregnancy self loves her a little unexpected admiration once in a blue moon.

Never mind that the informant in question hardly qualifies as astute - by the measure of a classroom anyway. We're talking crushes here. That's an entirely different layer of insight. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

Feeling a little puffy in the ego department I came home and relayed this tidbit to Geoff. 'You're his Mrs. Robinson,' he said. I can't discern which was more annoying, his absolute indifference about the purported crush or his comparison of me to Anne Bancroft.

Anne. F*cking. Bancroft.

What, am I aged? Surely Ms. B was far beyond my years when she played the role of the quintessential older woman. So I do the research. Cue the immediate ego deflation. Anne Banrcroft was thirty-six as Mrs. Robinson. I'm thirty-four.

Assume Astute is right. I'm not this kid's peer, I'm practically his Oedipal complex! I. Am. The. Older. Woman.

What fun is being the object of affection if it makes you feel ancient? I should take it a like a woman but apparently I am of stunted emotional growth. If only the body had followed suit.



Anonymous Imperfect Mommy said...

She was 36???? That's crazy.

Well, at least you're getting the looks. My lovely pregnancy form isn't doing a whole lot for the crushes.

I might as well go eat an ice cream sandwich or something... cuz by the time I even get close to being back to normal, I'll be 35. Tick tock.

May 30, 2006 12:17 PM  
Blogger CLMama said...

Oh this is a funny post! Hell, think of it this way: in her time, she was a legend :). She STILL IS a legend, that Mrs. R...LOL - enjoy your class!

Jo, (reader through Tabitha, Tigermama, Juliepersons - I think one of those blogs is how I happened upon yours!)

June 07, 2006 7:07 PM  

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