Real Families' Values

As you may know, the state of middle and lower income families in this country is abysmal. Single and two-parent families are struggling to pay for health care and basic living expenses, forcing many, who would otherwise stay home, back to the workforce and their kids into childcare. Or maybe you don't know because apparently these issues aren't sexy enough to catch the indifferent eye of our national media. Nebulous propaganda about 'Family Values' on the other hand, now that's news worthy.

Well the citizens' media strikes again. MomsRising.org! is a grassroots organization using the internet to connect people, educate on issues and bring real family concerns to the forefront of the public conscience. Of course there's more to it than that but see for yourself. Check out the site for their detailed agenda, current events, suggestions for getting involved and story posts from families who have lived it all.

After getting up to speed, a bonus! Do your Mom's Day shopping and support Moms Rising's efforts in one fell swoop. Hint, hint honey - raglan, size small.


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