Word to the Mother

My fancy pantsy computer savvy Gramma Emailed me today...with attachments. The climbing fool is none other than my very own mama.

I couldn't be happier to possess such incriminating evidence - photos of my TYPE-A, professional bulldozer of a mother up to her tiny tow-head in mischief. Do you see her balancing on that rocking horse? I'm lucky to be here at all!

I'm guessing the Mamacita's recent attempt to scale all three stair risers to our loft doesn't seem so death-defying suddenly. Put down the phone, Mom. Stop calling Gramma to report my delinquincies as a parent because she sho' nuff has me beat.

Happy Mama's Day, Grankle! Guess I have to tell you about the blog now. (Maybe I'll let Nise do it.)


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