Too Much 'People', People

Apparently I've been reading too many trashy tabloids.

Today I bought a new pair of sunglasses because the Mamacita had 'misplaced' yet another pair. The one pair I could locate had been stretched and chewed to such a state that the arms extend outward at an approximately 120 degree angle. Maybe Dumbo could keep them on his head.

Not wanting to spend too much on the Mamacita's newest Stretch Armstrong substitute I went to my favorite discount store and, after trying on a few p
airs, found the ones. Normally, I have a pretty strong aesthetic and while I'm not saying it's the chicest of the chic or the coolest of the cool, it is me.

At home, I presented each of my purchases to Geoff for his admiration.

New wallet. Love it.
New skirt. Cool.
New sunglasses....Uh, helloooo...new sunglasses....
Ewww - I hate those! They're so gay. (And no, he did not at all mean homosexual. And yes, he totally sounded like a 16-year-old Valley Girl while saying this.)

He then proceeded to show me this and this and this. Holy insipid celebrity styles! Looks like duct tape and Dumbo glasses for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Sammy. What do the new shades look like? Your design-obsessed Mommy.
PS - Good luck on the exam!

June 19, 2006 7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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